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PosterfyAI Affiliate Program

At Emojibb.Family, we offer a wide range of AI-Powered Print and Digital Assets that are in high demand.
As an affiliate, you'll share our top-notch products with global clients, build your sales network, and earn generous commissions.

Tools for unlimited passive income

Share coupons and links

Generate sales and build a global affiliate network by sharing your coupons and links.

Offer discounts

Customers get discounts using your coupons, while you earn.

Media Library

Access our extensive media library to cater to your client's tastes.

Leverage your email list

Send out marketing emails featuring our banners and your affiliate links to boost sales and grow your affiliate network for a sustained passive income stream.

Boost returns with your blog and site

Effortlessly enhance your articles with your affiliate links and recommendations to consistently drive sales and grow your global passive income network.

Unlimit your earnings with socials

Be ready for pleasing surprises when your dedicated fans enhance your affiliate connections within their groups. The sky is the limit. 🪙

Dive into a global network. Your future affiliates could be anywhere, from bustling Tokyo streets to tranquil Tuscan villages.
While you may never meet them, they’re the keys to unlocking your passive income. Their success becomes your reward.

Benefits of joining our Program

Lucrative Commission Structure

Earn a generous direct sales commission on every successful referral.

Global Reach

Deliver worldwide and you can build a global affiliate network to unlock earning potential.

Passive Income

Watch your earnings grow as your affiliate makes sales through their coupons and links.

Yorkshire Terrier sals Consultant Yorkshire Terrier sals Consultant
Global Opportunity

Be the bridge! Connect enthusiasts to what they love.

Unlimited earning potential
Scottish Fold Sales Consultant Scottish Fold Sales Consultant
Global Opportunity

No buy-ins. No pressure. Pure digital freedom.

Unlimited earning potential
Alaskan Malamute Sales Consultant Alaskan Malamute Sales Consultant
Global Opportunity

Shape your digital legacy, connection by connection.

Unlimited earning potential
Shar Pei Sales Consultant Shar Pei Sales Consultant
Global Opportunity

One program. Five stores. Infinite possibilities.

Unlimited earning potential
Havana Bunny Sales Consultant Havana Bunny Sales Consultant
Global Opportunity

Step into a world of endless earning opportunities.

Unlimited earning potential

One program. Five stores. Infinite possibilities.

✅ The following Shopify members offer unlimited earning potential for our global affiliates. ✅ (Compatible with ALL features)

Explore AI-powered digital marketplaces with Dive into a universe of unique, royalty-free digital assets & posters of animals and pets. Connect globally, and earn lucratively.

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Unleash creativity with's sticker and poster collections. Enrich conversations and spaces with diverse designs and top-tier products. Join the global affiliate wave.

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Posterfy.AI (Limited features)

Revolutionize your digital world with Posterfy.AI. Unearth mind-blowing AI-Powered digital assets in our marketplace and transform spaces with unique, royalty-free digital prints.

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A realm of affection for animal lovers. Discover high-quality stickers and digital assets perfect for personalizing items or gifting. Connect, sell, and earn.

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Yumify.AI (Limited features)

Capture culinary brilliance with Yumify.AI. Offering an effortless solution for mouthwatering food photographs, dive into the tasteful side of AI technology.

Step into a world of endless earning opportunities.

Digital assets (Eligible)

Order Digital ⬇️ (

Be the bridge!
Connect enthusiasts to what they love.

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Digital purchases from the following non-Shopify members are NOT eligible for affiliate earnings.

With commitment and regular effort, you can shape your digital legacy, connection by connection.

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Note: Affiliates should ensure they comply with their country's legal and tax requirements.
Many specified features are unique to and not in other member sites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No. stands out by allowing you to establish your own affiliate network and earn not only from your sales but also from the sales made by your affiliate partners. This multi-level earning model is a distinctive feature of In contrast, other Emojibb.Family sites operate on a simpler, single-level commission approach. It's essential to note that commissions from sales generated by your affiliates on sites other than are not awarded.

Absolutely! Our affiliate program covers all five stores. However, be aware that certain member platforms, including, Posterfy.AI,, and Yumify.AI, offer a more restricted set of features. On these specific sites, your earnings are based solely on direct sales and not derived from the broader activities of your affiliate network.

We recommend promoting our "Order Digital ⬇️" product for optimal results. To amplify your earnings, consider the following:

Personalize and Customize: Tailor the digital assets to fit your client's unique preferences. Using platforms like Canva can aid in this customization process.

Print-on-Demand: Cater to your client's tastes by creating print-on-demand products. Platforms like Shopify and Printful are excellent resources to facilitate this.

Expand Your Online Presence: Consider setting up a professional profile on Fiverr to attract more customers and leads.

No, lifetime commissions are specific to and do not extend to other member sites. However, it's important to note that your affiliate connection with a client lasts for 365 days. After this disconnection, you won't be eligible for commissions from that client unless new sales or interactions occur.

No, there's no need for multiple sign-ups. Simply register at Once done, we'll synchronize your account across all five sites, enabling you to start selling seamlessly. Note: Registering on individual sites won't grant you this unified access.

No, you don't! Once you've registered, a single login grants you access to all your accounts across different sites. For effortless transitions, simply utilize the dropdown menu located in the upper right corner of your dashboard. is uniquely equipped to allow affiliates to generate their own coupons due to its extensive features. As a result, coupon codes are exclusive to and might not be immediately available on other stores. However, once you achieve your first referral sale from any of our platforms, our dedicated team will manually add a discount coupon to your account for all sites. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We highly appreciate your efforts in bringing in new clientele. Affiliates who successfully refer first-time customers—that is, customers who are not already in our database—will receive an additional 5% commission on the total order value. This special incentive is exclusive to and is not applicable to our other affiliated sites.

Yes, you can. To streamline the process, please provide us with your affiliate ID, total earnings, and preferred payment method via email. Our team will promptly facilitate this for you.

Unfortunately, no. Each coupon code is specific to its respective platform. For both the customer to benefit from the discount and for you to earn a commission, the purchase and the coupon must align on the same platform.

All media assets for our members have been consolidated into the Media Library. This central repository houses all creatives for every member site, including Posterfy.AI, Yumify.AI,, and Please refer to the Media Library to access all available resources.

Yes, purchases from non-Shopify members such as, Adobe Portfolio Best-Sellers, and a few others are not eligible for affiliate earnings.

Affiliates are advised to ensure they are in compliance with the legal and tax requirements of their respective countries.